UFN (Universal Flex Nozzle)

UFN (Universal Flex Nozzle)


This Universal Flex Nozzle helps you transfer fluids easily! Time to throw away your existing nozzles that leak and are incredibly slow! Our UFN is the answer to all your problems. This sleek design is built to fit any Blitz or Briggs style gas can, as well as the Racing Utility Jug. 


Our 14" flexible spout provides easy pour at any angle to the tank without spills. The breather valve and hose is what makes this unique above any competitors, which allows air flow into the tank. You can drain a 5 gallon can in 60 seconds!


Kit Includes:

  • 14" Flexible Spout
  • Reducer tip (to get into smaller spaces)
  • Nozzle cap


Gas can caps are also available to purchase separately for only $7!

Add Ons:


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